Blessed are the Pure in Heart

Have you ever wanted to see God? I certainly have, and I have wanted to ask Him a load of questions. It’s amazing to think God has all the answers to all the questions we could ever think of. To stand before God and gaze up at Him would be an amazing opportunity. 

The Reward of being Pure in Heart

As Jesus goes through what we call the beatitudes, He names blessings we will receive as we live out each of them. Each beatitude has a different blessing or reward. The blessings that come from these beatitudes are blessings that come from being a Christian, because the beatitudes should be descriptions of us as Christians. A Christian is someone who is poor in spirit, who mourns when they do wrong, and who hungers and thirst for righteousness, just like they hunger for food, etc. The Beatitudes are the attitudes of a Christian.  

Think Break: 

  • Read the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount, The Beatitudes: Matthew 5:1-12. 
  • What blessings do you find after each beatitude?
  • Which blessing excites you the most? 

The blessing of being pure in heart is quite amazing. Jesus said, “blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.[1]” What a great truth to always remember. If we are pure in heart and if we are a Christian, we will get to see God someday. This probably doesn’t mean that God is going to reveal himself to us in a dream or that He is going to walk into our cafeteria at school and have lunch with us. But it does certainly mean that God will one day reveal himself to the pure in heart in heaven. This is where Christians, the pure in heart, will spend forever and ever with God. In heaven, seeing God will be a regular thing. We will get to experience His glory like never before.

What does it mean to be Pure in heart? 

Since being pure in heart leads to such great blessing, we need to think about what it means to be pure in heart. Being pure in heart seems to be more complex than just doing the right thing, however that is certainly part of it. The pure in heart don’t just do the right things, but they do the right things for the right reason! Being pure in heart deals with our motives to do what is right. 

Motives that lead to the right Action: 

Our reasons for doing what we do are often just as important as what we are actually doing. If we only take action according to what is beneficial to us or what is going to help us, then we don’t have the heart of Christ. Christ’s motives were not self-centered; they were selfless and others-centered. God wants our all. He doesn’t want us to simply go through the motions. Consider how our motivation while doing homework illustrates the importance of having the right motives.

Wrong Motives Right Actions:

There are several reasons someone might do homework but only one reason brews the best result. Some might do homework because they want to learn, others because they know they are forced, and others because they want to have free time once they are done. If I am doing homework because I am motivated to grow and become smarter, my homework will clearly be better. I will take my time and not rush through it just so I can get on to the next activity. On the other hand, if I was motivated to get done so I could play outside or watch tv, my homework would still be complete but it wouldn’t be completed to my best ability. It’s clear our motives make a difference even when our actions are correct. Likewise, when we apply this to our walk with Christ, we see that our motives make a big difference in the eyes of God and the eyes of those around us. 

Giving the Glory to God:

Sometimes we want to do the right thing because it helps us look good in front of others, helps us feel good about who we are, or we want a favor in return. However, these are not the correct motives for us to have. When we are motived in these ways to act, we stop being pure in heart. The pure in heart take action so God looks good— not so we look good. This is what it means to give the glory to God, and can only be done when we are pure in heart. The pure in heart want to help others for the sake of helping others, not to be rewarded. When our hearts are pure, we are focused on giving God the glory He deserves, not giving ourselves glory we don’t deserve. When we are pure in heart, our purity flows from the inside out. A pure heart longs to do good simply because of a great love for God. 


The pure in heart have no trouble sleeping at night due to guilt from sin, since pure actions flow from a pure heart. To be pure in heart is to be fully dedicated to the Lord in motive and action. A pure heart longs to see God and looks for God in their daily life. Ultimately, yes, Jesus says the pure in heart will see God, referring to their home in heaven. Even so, there is a sense in which they will see God working in their lives here on Earth, as they focus on doing all for Him, not for self. The pure in heart act for God, and as a result, see God’s work in their life and will one day see God in Heaven.

Discuss the Following: 

Why do you think motives are important? 

When is it difficult for you to have the right motives? 

What should our motivation be in all that we do? 

How does Proverbs 4:23 relate to this? Will you have to guard your heart to keep it pure?

Consider Matthew 15:19-20. How will you keep good things flowing from your heart?

Will you pray that God will help you keep a pure heart? 

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[1] Matthew 5:.8

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