Grown by God: Patience

Nothing teaches patience better than fishing!

I’ve been told so many times that patience is a virtue. However, when it comes to thinking about the fruit of the Spirit, it’s not that we need to develop patience on our own. Instead, the idea is that the Holy Spirit Himself grows patience in us and our lives.

Think Break:

Can you think of times in the Bible that God’s timing was perfect?

One of the words that comes to our minds when we think about God is “perfect”. God is in every way right, righteous, and just–in what He does, says, thinks, and commands. One of the incredible ways we see this facet of God’s character is that His timing is always right. Galatians 4:4 speaks of Jesus coming into the world at the “fullness of time”. His entrance by the virgin birth was at a time that was “just right”. In Romans 5:6 we read that “at the right time Christ died for the ungodly.” The timing of Jesus’ life and death were perfect and according to God’s will. Even more, Paul writes in Titus 1:1–3 that Scripture and his teaching came at the “proper time”. Isn’t it easy to see that God’s timing is perfect and always just right?

Wouldn’t you agree that Moses was born under just the right circumstances to be put into the river by his parents in a basket to save him from the slaughter of the Hebrew boys and, thus, he was found by the Pharaoh’s daughter and raised in his house?

Wouldn’t you agree that the judges of the Old Testament were born into the right situations and had the right qualifications to lead the Israelites back into harmony with God when they had fallen stray?

Wouldn’t you agree that as Jesus goes about calling His disciples that they were in the right place at the right time to be found by the Lord and summoned into His ministry?

Over and over again we find God working in sometimes mysterious ways and through hard times to achieve His plans and purposes. But how does that relate to us having patience in our lives?

Simply put, we are blessed when we choose to wait on God. Having patience is more than not asking Him, “Are we there yet?!” It is building a trust in Him that He is doing what is right in His proper time. Our timeline for things can often be wrong. Have you ever made your life plans only to see them go up in smoke? Our view of life and circumstances is limited. However, God’s view is unlimited. He sees and knows what’s in the past, present, and future.

Patience is a virtue when we wait on God. Patience blesses us when we trust Him and do things His way and not our way. Patience is grown in the life of a believer by the Holy Spirit when we decide to follow Him and not ourselves.

Further Thought:

  • Can you name a time in your life that you have been quick to make a decision and it backfired?
  • Think of a couple more Bible characters who had to wait on the Lord.
  • Is there a decision before me that I need to patiently and prayerfully wait on God’s help to make?

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