A Glimpse at God’s Power

One of the most basic, fundamental accounts, yet wildly complex, in Scripture is that of the creation. We teach this in its simplest form to even the youngest of children in Sunday school and we love to sing about it at Vacation Bible School. But have we missed some of the deeper lessons as we grow up? This story so powerfully models the incomparable power and majesty of the Lord God!

Think Break:

What stories from Scripture do we see God’s power besides Genesis 1–2?

Our First Glimpse at God:

The opening of Genesis serves as our first glimpse of who God is and His relationship to us as His creation. While our understanding is more fully built of who God is through continuing our reading through the rest of Scripture, Genesis 1–2 creates a framework for us to begin to see who God is. He is evidently very powerful!

He is capable of speaking into existence the things we see around us in our world. His actions show He works outside of normal limitations of physics by creating matter from nothing but His spoken word. Each day God creates a category: light (Gen 1:3–5), heavens or sky (Gen 1:6–8), land and plants (Gen 1:9–13), celestial bodies (Gen 1:14–19), water animals, fish, and birds (Gen 1:20–23), land animals and humans (Gen 1:24–31).

We are weak He is Strong

Whenever we summarize these into such generalized groups it somewhat detracts from the incredible feat of what God accomplished each day. For instance, how big a team of gardeners, scientists, botanists, biologists, and their assistants would it take to create ONLY the current flower species we have in one day? The manpower it would take is unimaginable, because it is impossible for any group of humans to do. Yet, God created all the flowers, plants, and trees in one 24-hour period.

Additionally, how many years and countless full careers have been spent trying to decipher the power and complexities of DNA? God not only created DNA on Day 6, He also created every land animal and the human body; alongside that though, He created all the complex systems within each of them: their bone structure, hearts, lungs, brains, and hundreds of other components. What God successfully finished in just 6 days would be impossible for any human to do in 600 lifetimes.

Talking Points:

  1. Since God is so powerful should I put my trust in Him? Why or why not?
  2. What did God do on Day 7? What does that pattern teach us since we are not as powerful as God?
  3. What is your favorite thing God created? What ways does it show God’s power and creativity, since God is the one who made it?

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