Grown By God: Faithfulness

Grown by God: Faithfulness

What makes a person trustworthy? Just thinking about that word helps us see what it looks like: worthy of trust. The question is easily answered by answering this: “Who is worthy of your trust?” These people are those who have proved themselves to keep a secret, to keep their word, or do not let people down. These friends have earned your trust. While we may give respect based upon authority, position, etc., we are far more cautious to give out our trust.

Think Break:

  • What makes a person trustworthy to you?
  • How does it feel when your trust is broken?

Faithfulness according to Scripture:

Whenever we hear the word faithfulness, we probably associate it with other church words. After all, the root of the word is faith. However, when we look at how that word is used in the Old Testament, it isn’t necessarily used in that way. The Hebrew word for faithfulness is defined this way: “Maintaining faith or allegiance; showing a strong sense of duty or conscientiousness.” Ultimately, what this word conveys is that those who are described this way are allegiant, trustworthy, and/or show a strong sense of duty towards a person, group, or thing. 

As we think about faithfulness as the seventh of the listed fruit of the Spirit, imagine with me what God grows within us. He is creating within us the ability to be found trustworthy by Him. When we obey God and live a life under His perfect will–He finds us to be allegiant to Him, to have a sense of duty to follow Him, and to maintain our faith in Him. A real and beautiful example of what faithfulness looks like in real life is seen in Abraham. He overcame so much, and we often put him on a pedestal for it. While we read “he believed God, and it was counted to him as righteousness” (Galatians 3:6), he had more than a “belief” in God. I hope your faith is more than a belief! Our faith in God should always translate to faithfulness toward God–that is our faith produces a lifestyle of living for Him.

Would God call you faithful?

“That’s someone I can count on!” Is that what God says when He looks at us? You see, that’s what He says about Job. God almighty had trust in His servant to do right, even if Satan wrecked his life, his business, and (as far as Job could see) his future. Read Job 1:6–12. Isn’t it amazing and confidence building to know our Lord sees us as His people that He can count on?

As we think about our personal lives, our faithfulness should be seen as so valuable! Whenever we hold ourselves accountable to God’s will, we push away sin and build trustworthiness in the eyes of our Father in Heaven!

Discuss the following: 

  • How would you describe faithfulness?
  • When is it hard to be faithful to God?
  • Can you name 3 people from the Bible who were faithful to God?

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